Hot Pepper Seeds

Emilio and I have been waiting for this moment ever since we bought hot pepper seeds on the supermarket last August 27.

As instructed on the packet, we germinated the seeds but did so in paper towel.

We first opened the paper towel packet on September 5 and saw the seeds starting to germinate. We waited for a few more days and just this morning saw a healthy growth so we immediately planted it.

We hope it grows super healthy. I seldom buy chili peppers in the grocery because most of them just rot. They're usually sold in packs so you can't help but buy in bulk even if you only need a few.

This time, hopefully we get to grow peppers ourselves and eat them real fresh too. :)

I'm thinking of planting more, probably herbs and spices. We don't have much space here but I do have lots of clay pots that'll do perfect for small indoor plants. That'll do wonders for me and my son I'm sure.