Blogger releases official iPhone app

It has been a very long wait but I suppose it's worth it. On the heels of the highly-successful Google+ social network, Blogger loyalists who mostly blog on the go will be happy to know that Google's blogging platform has not been forgotten.

Not so long ago, if you wanted to update your Blogger blogs, you were stuck with paid apps like BlogPress. Not anymore.

The newly-released iOS (iPhone) app is packed with features we've come to expect from a blogging platform mobile app like publishing posts with photos, labels and location.

For those who maintain multiple blogs on Blogger, switching is supported along with a list of posts for on-the-go editing.

To start off, download the app here, sign up with your account and you're good to go.

To switch from one blog to another, simply tap on the settings icon (the one that looks like a gear) and choose 'Switch Blog'.

Choosing a blog will automatically bring up the editing screen.

You can choose various image sizes when you upload photos.

You can also view your blog by tapping on the Blogger 'B' logo.

/ The only downside I've noticed is that unlike BlogPress, you can't choose to position photos in posts. All attached photos are appended at the end of the post. /

So what are you waiting for? Go try it now and let us know how it goes.

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Google+ iPhone app now supports 'resharing'

The recent update of the Google+ iPhone app is a welcome development to people who mainly use Google+ via their smartphones.

The ability to 'reshare' posts straight from the app has always been a feature I've hoped for since the app first came out.

Now, not only do you get to comment, +1 and create your own posts, you also get to 'reshare' posts from your stream.

See snapshots below of how it's done:

1. Select the post from your stream that you want to 'reshare' to your selected network.

To the right side of the comment field, tap on the drop-down arrow.

2. Select 'Share this post' from the drop-down menu options. Select to which 'Circles' you want it shared.

3. And voila! The post selected will be instantly shared to your chosen network. Easy as pie!

It is wonderful to see Google+ work its way into being the social media platform of choice. And as long as Google+ sticks to their mission of creating a simple and functional social network that 'simply works', it is poised to take over the social media world one update at a time.

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Google+ iPhone App comes to the Philippine AppStore

Hooray for patience!

The Google+ iPhone app finally comes to the Philippine AppStore!

It's been a long, agonizing wait for fangirls like me using non-jailbroken iPhones.

I have been tweeting like crazy the moment I found out that a native iPhone app for Google+ has been released only to be heartbroken when I found out it's initially available to the US AppStore.

That means you need a US Apple AppStore (iTunes) account in order to download the app otherwise you're stuck with the web/mobile site until it reaches your local AppStore.

And did I mention how painfully annoying the web app is? Ugh. I will spare you the negative vibes by not retelling my experience with it. Let me just say that it was frustrating to create a web app shortcut ("Add to Homescreen") option on mobile Safari which persistently asks me for my password each time I tapped on the shortcut.

In fact, I blame my recent absence on Google+ entirely to the lack of a native app.

I don't have the luxury of sitting in front of a desktop/laptop all day. My online activity, like most people nowadays owes 99% of it from my iPhone.

If a social network requires me to open Safari, it ain't pretty. Ain't cool. Because, you know, I'm a busy person (not!).

Anyway, so this is how my main screen looks (before) with the web app short.

See the 3rd icon right there? Yep, that's my lame version of Google+ then.

Now, look at the same spot below. You see the difference? That's the super cool Google+ native iPhone app! Fresh off the AppStore! :)

This is how the app's main screen looks like.

This is my stream. You can swipe between "Circles", "Incoming" and "Nearby".

Tapping the Photos menu brings you to your uploaded photos and photos locally stored on your iPhone. All it takes is a tap to upload/share them to your Google+ account.

Wow. It's like my prayers been heard. Now, let's see if this actually makes me hang-out longer on Google+ from now on. But I have a strong feeling I will.

Have you downloaded the Google+ iPhone app? How was your experience with it?

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These Words are My Shelter [Prose Poetry]

These Words are My Shelter
Yet another prose poem by RJ Marmol

These words are my shelter
From the loud, deafening roar
Of lions and elephants,
And the wrath of Mighthy Thor

Adrift on a chair in a sea of disillusion
I am wrapped in terror, shame and confusion

Might the sky fall?
Might the wall collapse?
Might a thunderous voice break my disguise?

Hear me out, hear me shout!
Feel this scathing, loathing doubt
Without these words I am empty
Like this brittle oak bark!

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OT: Of Course I Do [ProsePoetry]

Of Course I Do
(an original prose poem by RJ Marmol)

Of course I do.
After all, there's hardly a reason for me not to:

Not a worthy excuse
Nor a willing whine.

No remorse, no recourse
No drawing the line.

Not a space separates
Not a thought escapes

Not a chance passed
Not a feeling repressed

Not a dance turned down
Not a song unsung

Not a mumble muffled
Not a feather ruffled

Because what is not to like
About the sun's scorching heat?

Or that sinful, sugary treat
When you sink in your teeth?

Nary a bit, dare I say
Not one, my sweet May
See this bloom from yesterday
Still alive for today

As this river is my witness
In its silence runneth deep
Every flow, every rhyme
Every gurgle, every quip.

Who's to say 'tis easy
To embrace the otherworldly?
That I'm right and you're wrong?
Or I'm weak and you're strong?

Who died and went back
To tell the twisted, awful tale
Or swore in high heavens
Of the existence of hell?

It is light. It is pain.
It is darkness. It is gain.
It is truth forever elusive
To the haughty and the vain.

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Happy New Year!

From my family to yours, we wish you a happy and prosperous new year! Say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 with hope!

RJ :)

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