OT: Of Course I Do [ProsePoetry]

Of Course I Do
(an original prose poem by RJ Marmol)

Of course I do.
After all, there's hardly a reason for me not to:

Not a worthy excuse
Nor a willing whine.

No remorse, no recourse
No drawing the line.

Not a space separates
Not a thought escapes

Not a chance passed
Not a feeling repressed

Not a dance turned down
Not a song unsung

Not a mumble muffled
Not a feather ruffled

Because what is not to like
About the sun's scorching heat?

Or that sinful, sugary treat
When you sink in your teeth?

Nary a bit, dare I say
Not one, my sweet May
See this bloom from yesterday
Still alive for today

As this river is my witness
In its silence runneth deep
Every flow, every rhyme
Every gurgle, every quip.

Who's to say 'tis easy
To embrace the otherworldly?
That I'm right and you're wrong?
Or I'm weak and you're strong?

Who died and went back
To tell the twisted, awful tale
Or swore in high heavens
Of the existence of hell?

It is light. It is pain.
It is darkness. It is gain.
It is truth forever elusive
To the haughty and the vain.

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