Smithsonian Earth Science - Glow In The Dark Giant Volcano + Homeschool Thoughts

Emilio is definitely having fun with all the Smithsonian Science Kits he got -- most recently, this

Smithsonian Earth Science - Glow In The Dark Giant Volcano.

See video below. And oh, I've also embedded 2 other videos -- Prehistoric Sea Monsters (Triops) and  Diggin' Up Dinos - also from Smithsonian. I've always been on the look-out for Science kits but haven't gotten around buying them so we're very thankful for Ninang Jasmin and Tito Jeff's generosity. 

Judging from the way he loved every minute of this kit experience, it looks like we'd have to find a way to find similar ones locally. 

I'm not a very hands-on person when it comes to Science. I prefer texts and thought experiments but clearly, my little boy's learning style is a lot different than mine so I have to make adjustments. Wise as he is, he cannot build this entirely without adult supervision so I have to indulge him from time to time. 

It's a welcome respite for my eyes that thankfully (or hopefully) still register a 20/20 grade despite the abuses they go through everyday. Working with my hands makes me feel relaxed and it inspires my son to create stuff instead of just digesting information.

In barely two months, school year 2012-2013 would officially be over and it'd be time yet again to evaluate our educational options. My heart is for homeschooling, it's always been for homeschooling. But since his father is not entirely on-board with it, it remains a struggle. My ardent prayer is for God to make His plans known to us (at least, this part about educating our only child). This first year of homeschooling has been tough yet sweetly rewarding. I would love to do it all over again and for many years to come. But not my will, Lord but Yours be done. 

In the meantime, I will enjoy these precious moments I get to spend with my son... because this moment in time will never happen again and I'm just so happy and thankful to God and Ritchie that I got to experience this. :)


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