HeyRJ's (RJ Marmol) "Best Christmas Ever" FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD

As thanksgiving for a wonderful year in music and in the spirit of the holidays, I'm giving away my "Best Christmas Ever" album for FREE! -- CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALBUM <3 to those who may want to have copies but are unable to get it for any reason.

Those who want to support and buy or stream it from the links below are still very welcome to do so.

Apple Music (Listen) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/applemusic

iTunes (Buy) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/itunes

Google Play (Buy) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/googleplay

Google Play Streaming (Listen) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/googleplaystreaming

Amazon Music (Buy) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/amazonmusicbuy

Amazon Music (Listen) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/amazonmusiclisten

Spotify (Listen) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/spotify

Napster (Listen) http://smarturl.it/BestChristmasEver/napster

I wish you all the merriest Christmas ever! No matter what you're going through, please remember that this, too shall pass. Remain steadfast. <3

HeyRJ's (RJ Marmol) 2nd Full-Length Album "Ester Sunday" Now Out!

Heyyyy! <3 My 2nd full-length album of 25 cover songs is now out! It's now available on iTunes over here --> https://smarturl.it/EsterSunday

Have a listen below and please leave a review, if you can spare a few minutes. It would mean a lot to me. <3 Thanks!

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