How Increases Your Product Exposure

I've long dreamed of operating an online store. And if you're reading this now, you probably know why people like me operate online stores. It's because of people like you. People like you who are tech-savvy, almost always online, always busy, has no time to stroll around town and leisurely walk at malls while scouring for good buys know by heart that the best place to buy and sell these days is through the internet. So people like us, part-seller and part-buyer, put up websites, purchase shopping cart software, buy SSL certificates (for securing private information), sometimes purchase/sign-up for a separate payment gateway and then wait for customers to browse, inquire and hopefully, buy our products. Sounds easy right? Think again. A few years back, online commerce, or e-commerce as they call it, is solely a marketing arm and an additional income generator available only to corporations who have tons of money to pay for both online advertisements and search engine marketing and well, for all the set-up software I mentioned above. To even dream of putting-up such a site (if you're an average income earner) that time is considered ridiculous, foolish and impossible.

But now, these days are gone (or at least quite possible now..). Thanks to the various changes and other technological advances in the mobile and telecommunication industries, finally catching up on the rampaging information superhighway that is the internet. Now, you don't need a payment gateway to receive money. There are now numerous ways to receive payment-mobile money transfer, online banking money transfer, through remittance centers, etc.

Even more helpful, and if I may say, one of the best possible help you can get to jumpstart your online business is online advertising. It is by far, still the best avenue to gain as much product exposure as possible and eventually generate a sale. There are many online advertising sites available today. But experience convinced me that online advertising through is the way to go. I'm actually pretty new at and yet I've been seeing results already. The first time I posted my ad (that was just one at that time), I got almost a hundred views for a day. I got 3 inquiries and a quite a few text messages still, all coming from buyers who saw my ad at! It is important to note that, as I have observed in barely a few weeks at is that at any one time, there are an average of 3000 people (sometimes even more) simultaneously viewing This number is comprised of people who are members of (around 10-20%) and people who were brought there through a search at Google. How amazing is that? It only tells you a few things worth noting. One, that gives you thousands of possibilities to be viewed. Two, that's format is undoubtedly search engine optimized. The chances that a random search at Google for a certain item will list your ad on the first page is very realistic. I know, because I tried searching Google using a generic keyword in my ad and voila! My ad is result #1, almost unbelievable. Three, that gives you all these and more for FREE! Yes, there's the magic word right there. Where else do you enjoy such wonderful benefits without shelling-out a few bucks? Advertisng at is FREE! Allow me to stress that. :-)

What's more is that when you sign-up, you get a fully-functional multi-page website of your own which is also customizable. There's a buzz about a payment integration currently in the works. I'm almost sure it will go well. It's gonna be very beneficial to both buyers and sellers if such a payment system will be available.

Right now, all I can say is I made a great choice signing up at And with all the good results I got, I'm sure there are plenty more coming my way. So, if you operate an online store, or you simply want to advertise a physical or offline store you may have, advertise at now! There's nothing to lose and a lot to gain. :-)

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