If Anyone Out There is Reading My Blog...

I will be posting movie reviews for "An Inconvenient Truth" within the day. Please watch out for it. I watched it on home video no longer than two days ago and thought i really wanted to review it. Plus, once I get to watch Jumper, i'll be writing a review for it as well..

**If you have a new/upcoming or currently showing movie that you'd like me to review, please leave me a comment and i'll do a review for you.. :-)

To those sparing their precious time to read my blog even for just a few so much! :-)

'Later guys! :-)


minor8 said...

i watched An Inconvenient Truth last year and after watching it. It really changed my life :) kudos to Al Gore a true environment crusader :). about Jumper well when i first saw the trailer one thing come to my mind its payback time for "revenge of the sith" thing hehehe

Sige nga ate post a review about Juno its a really nice movie eh

rjmarmol said...

oh review of "An Inconvenient Truth" is long overdue... :-) lol.. i'll make it worth the wait.. :-) about jumper, hmmm... i wanna see if it's gonna be as good as i expect it to be.. :-) and about "Juno", ok.. i'll make one for Juno... :-)