To Wire or Not to Wire? To Not To, of course! :-)

Alright, alright.. I know the wiring's a bit messy.. :-) Don't worry, I'll be buying tie-wraps and wire harnesses once I go to my local handyman shop.. :-) Anyway, I introduce you all to my wireless router, Wi (pronounced "why"), aptly named so because of the purpose it serves - to provide wireless home network connection. :-) Wi is a D-Link wireless router that currently connects (tech term -- shares :-) my internet connection to the rest of the wi-fi enabled gadgets there could possibly be inside our house or within it's range. It's wired to my desktop as my main pc
which incidentally also has a bluetooth adapter, so same protocol I guess, 802.11 b/g. If you'd ask me if it's better or easier to have a wireless home network, well, if you have 2 or more pc's that are "geographically" :-) apart from each other plus you have laptops, I suggest you go wireless. It's pretty cheap and pretty easy to install anyway so why procrastinate? :-) Wireless is "in". And it will probably stay "in" until the doctors of mental telepathy, telekinesis and Bill Gates develop a newer and better way to connect devices and people. :-)

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