@suncelltweets : Worst Customer Service experience ever courtesy of SunTel/Sun Cellular or How to lose customers in 3 minutes

@suncelltweets Extremely rude CSR (code CASCMRJSS) just called me up to tell me I'm past due w/ my SunTel acct since Nov29 when in fact my due date is every 4th of the month. This is my first time with Sun/Digitel and this happens to be just my 2nd bill. 1st bill is only 81.67!!! And the 2nd bill due Dec 4 is only 354.50!!! And the first one's already been paid through my BPI online! What's worse is that the CSR argued with me insisting that the due date reflected on my bill is wrong and that it's supposed to be the 29th??? He even dropped the call without my permission! Thank God this plan's holding period is only 3 months. People, beware of SunTel CSRs. If you can help it, I suggest you NEVER deal with Sun. That's the worst CS experience I've ever had in my entire life -- bar none. Attached are my copies of my bills. The first 2 bills and definitely the last 2 bills too. Will NEVER EVER deal with Sun Cellular or SunTel again. I will even drop my load Subdealer status right here right now. I will never use, promote or sell product that has anything to do with SunTel/Sun Cellular. Such a disappointing telecom company and such a traumatic experience for a paying customer.

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