Homeschooling A Boy's Heart [Day 0]

Wow. It feels like forever since I last organically wrote on this blog. And something in me says that it must be close to forever indeed.

Today I resurrect this blog to chronicle a new phase in my family life as I make a leap into the unknown (even probably unthinkable to some) -- the world of homeschooling.

Instead of making a new blog for homeschooling, I decided to document our journey here since homeschooling is without a doubt, a family affair. And this blog remains to be my personal blog so it seems fitting that I share my experiences here.

So today is Day Zero of homeschooling in our household because this is the day we unpacked our books and curriculum lesson plans.

We will be officially (doing desk work) homeschooling next week, starting June 12 (Tuesday) because our family will be flying to Marinduque for the weekend for some R&R with my in-laws. We *might* go back to Marinduque by the third week because my son Emilio has a wedding to attend. :)

BUT, I have been independently homeschooling "Io" ( Emilio's nickname, pronounced as ee-yoh) the entire summer so it's not such a drastic change of schedule for both of us.

I have chosen to homeschool using the CFA (Catholic Filipino Academy) curriculum since my primary goal or homeschooling Io (apart from building a strong foundation with Math, Grammar and Logic) is to develop his character and mold him into a God-fearing man with a love for lifelong learning and ultimately find and follow his bliss.

Someday soon that day will come. But for now, I can only promise to do my best to help him every step of the way. Yes, he will learn from me but I will learn from him as well. After all, young or old, parent or child, we are all in the process of learning.

May God give me strength, wisdom, patience and courage to homeschool my little boy's heart.

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