Hot Pepper Update

How long has it been? Hmmm. About a month I guess when Emilio and I planted those germinated hot pepper seeds.

If you're wondering if the plant is still alive, well here it is.

I didn't realize that it's slow-growing. It does know how to take its time. I wish I was a hot pepper plant!

So I suppose we'll have to wait a little longer before we can actually use it for making spicy, delicious meals.

Little boy Io is not in the picture this time because he's out on the street playing with his street pals.

It looks like his friends have finally warmed-up to his empire-like ambitions of making paper spinners for the kids of the world.

It's taken countless weeks before they've appreciated Io's made-up toy and now they've been spending time together making paper spinners.

Good for him. He always wanted to make toys with his friends for as long as I can remember. It engages his creativity and social skills at the same time.

Good for me because that's time spent away from the TV and other screen distractions.

Until the next post.

Mom RJ

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