Hair Experiments

The little boy (who's not so little anymore) is experimenting on different hair styles. There are days that I like it. There are days when I wished he'd just be okay with being bald because I like it that way --shaved and clean, easy to manage, highlights his features and generally looks good on him.

But I see he's quickly growing and learning things, picking his own clothes, making little decisions for himself. That's how it's gonna be from hereon and I know I must get used to it somehow. I can't always decide for him -- and I shouldn't anyway. He is his own boy, and a few years from now -- his own man. I miss my baby boy but I will always be proud of him and how he's using everything he's learning to effectively deal with the world around him. He negotiates, inspects, criticizes, prods, observes and carefully navigates the grown-up world, trying as best he can to make sense of everything grown-ups do.

There are times I wish he didn't grow up so fast. Or maybe he didn't really. That's just how I feel.

And someday, I know he'd have a lot to teach me too... and I will listen intently, just as he does every time he asks me about things he cannot understand or don't know. My little boy is experimenting on hair styles today. Tomorrow, it just might be the next miracle drug, unexplored territory or bold idea. I have high hopes for tomorrow because I am preparing him today as best as I can..and if only for that, I know I need not fear nor feel sad. Wherever his curiosity takes him, I will be there prodding and supporting him like I've always promised.

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