Random Thoughts on 21October2007

These are a few of the thoughts I've written in utter disappointment and frustration. Others may mean something to you, while the rest may sound silly or stupid. Nonetheless, these are my thoughts, so live with it. :-)
  • Other people see more sense in the tangible taboo than in the intangible profundity.
  • No one will ever see what you're truly worth, not even yourself.
  • No one else will fight for what you believe in.
  • Life is harsh but people are harsher.
  • When you leave this world, what mark will you leave behind?
  • The vagueness in your ambition is the beginning of your downfall.
  • Where there is certainty, there is no challenge. Where there is no challenge, there is no fulfillment. Where there is no fulfillment, there is no life.

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