When Your Head Hurts

I've been having headaches quite frequently since the last month or two. And i usually get by just ignoring it and enduring the pain. Sometimes, I take pain relievers and they work fast, although I had to sleep to actually feel better, otherwise the medication would take longer before it can actually relieve my headache. Every time this happens, I get so annoyed and irritated. But not because of the pain. It's actually because of the fact that it slows me down -- physically, mentally, emotionally. When my head hurts, I'm compelled to stop and rest. And that irritates me. Funny how stopping and resting has become to uncommon these days that people hate it. Not because they don't want to stop or rest. It's because they can't afford it. These days, more and more are expected from all of us. Whether you're a bank president, a street vendor, a mother -- even in equipment..computers, cellphones, cars, washing machines..we expect more and more. Why can't a cellphone be just what it is --- a cellphone. Why do we need to pressure this device to bring us the internet news or entertain us with music or take our pictures and videos? Why must we require everything to be more and more advanced? Why must we demand great expectations from our employees? Headaches.They do feel bad and irritating. But sometimes, just sometimes..maybe that's what we need. Maybe it's for our own good that we get headaches, so that we can stop for a while and think. So that we can slow down and realize certain things we may have ignored for a long time. Maybe all we need is a little break, a little headache.

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