Just Another TV Ad aka. Infomercial

Why in the world is Judy Ann Santos under fire on account of that Meralco TV ad explaining and making an analogy of "system loss" through ice cubes? Why do we find it so easy to point the accusing finger on somebody we have known for all eternity to be a celebrity, a TV personality, who has been making commercials, and dozens of it for a living? Now, I'm not a Juday fan nor am I a "Kapamilya" or an ABS-CBN fanatic. I just think that it's not fair to chastise the actress (who is not even here in the country at the moment to defend herself) for appearing in a TV ad for Meralco whose same owners own her mother station in the first place. I must admit though, that the first time I saw that ad, I was shocked. I guess I just wasn't ready to see a celebrity as "big-time" as Judy Ann to defend Meralco as if the print and TV ads preceding that appearance of hers is not enough to make their point that passing the system loss charge (although rather unfair to consumers) has been allowed by the law. Yeah, right. We get it. We got it the first time it was explained to us. How much explaining does it require to finally sit and tell yourself, "oh, yeah, everything's been explained, there's nothing else left unsaid."? I guess that, among other reasons is what these consumer rights groups are so mad at. Well, there's no denying that Judy Ann, with all her money wouldn't worry that much about paying her electric bills. But that's besides the point. The point is, being the icon and influential person ( at least I guess judging from her fan base) that she has become, it would have been a wiser decision not to accept an ad for such a controversial product/service. But can you really blame her? She is after all, a Kapamilya. If there was the slightest chance that she can refuse making that ad, I bet the urge of speaking up for Meralco had been stronger, if we are to believe Meralco's statement that Judy Ann was not forced to say what she said, and that she actually understood what she explained in the infomercial and even strongly believed in the idea of system loss. All I say is that, given the state of things, it would have been wiser for Judy Ann to stick to the usual round-up of commercials she so effectively delivered and generated sales for. An issue so controversial that it has become more of a political than an economic issue should have been left to those people who discuss and play it best. Something as sensitive as this, touching the very life of the poorest of our countrymen should be left to the politicians, economists and businessmen to discuss and fight over. Judy Ann, although a celebrity is just like us -- a citizen of this country caught in the cross-fire. If she is indeed just a messenger, then let the saying "don't shoot the messenger" prevail. After all, probably to her, it's just another TV ad, so let's not make such a fuss over it.

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