Thank God For "Restore"

I made one of those "O-M-G" mistakes today, actually, just a few minutes ago. You see, the adventurous and software-tinker that I am, I have decided to move our family website from to another self-hosted WordPress blog. My webhost's 1.5GB of space allocation is barely used at only 3.26MB for the website and only 1.26MB for my logs. So I thought, I'd better transfer the family website to my paid host. I initially wanted to make a photoblog but changed my mind. Everything was going well, including the changing of nameservers since the domain is registered at HostPapi, and my webhost is StartLogic so I had to manage my domain from within my webhost. Shortly after verifying that the new domain control is working, I installed WordPress under the adapted domain. I of course want to install it at the root directory. The installation prompted me to check if I was certain since the same application is already installed ( the one used by ). I didn't know what came upon me that prompted me to tick on "Confirm installation on existing directory". I ticked the darn thing without second thoughts. It must be sheer stupidity or maybe I wasn't myself that time. After doing that, I immediately felt that "oops..oh dear! shoot me!" moment. I checked my url and lo and behold! -- it's gone! gone with the wind! gone forever! I sat in front of the screen like a stone.. what the %^%&^%*???!!! How incredibly and unbelievably stupid can I get?? What was I thinking? Or was I even thinking?? Oh my dear Lord.. all those stupid podcasts, all those junk matter how insignificant it might be to other people, those to me are freakin' priceless.. I have been spending hours trying to fix that darn site's layout and now, all for nothing? "This can't possibly be happening!" I thought, there has to be a way to undo this stupid mistake. And oh, what a relief when I remembered that I incidentally signed-up for a "site restore" feature / add-on service at StartLogic. Never have I ever been so thankful for paying extra for such a feature that until this day, I thought I didn't need and shouldn't have paid for in the first place. One click of a button and presto! My site is back like nothing horrifying ever happened. Whew! That was the closest I got to total freak-out. I almost gave up blogging, all because of that incident. Seriously, if I didn't have it fixed, I was swearing not to blog anymore lest I end up nuking all posts that took me months to write in only a fraction of a second.. Today, I learned a lesson, and learned it the hard way. Never, in my wildest dreams will I ever tick on a "confirm installation on an existing directory" again unless I am 101% sure. Thank God it's over. And thank God for "restore".

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