Latest Results: Official Canvassing for 2010 Elections

The COMELEC domain which will house all canvassing results for this year's synchronized national and local automated elections is now reportedly up but with no data is available as of yet. In recent reports, the COMELEC is said to have adopted Senator Chiz Escudero's proposal to hold posting of election results until at least 20% of the votes are tallied to avoid 'trending'. As of last update, instead of waiting for 20%, the COMELEC will wait for at leaat 20,000 votes to come in before they publish the result online. This will updated real-time as votes from the precinct and municipal levels come in. The official website for checking the election results is here: I will also be updating this post as often as possible to report how the tallying of votes is going specially for my local area of Calamba City where we expect that results may be final by around 3-4AM of Tuesday. This will be delayed by an hour or so following the extension of voting scheduled which was moved from the original 6PM cut-off to 7PM. I urge you to visit the website and monitor the results. Your responsibility does not end in casting your vote: guarding your votes are just as crucial. Let's all be vigilant and optimistic but let us also prepare for any eventualities.

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