Villar concedes to Aquino #eleksyon2010 #purplethumb

Nacionalista Party's standard bearer Sen. Manny Villar has conceded to Liberal Party's Noynoy Aquino in a press con he has called this 11AM at his family-owned StarMall mall in Las Pinas. Latest official partial COMELEC count puts Aquino at 12,233,002 votes vs. Villar's 4,329,215. Villar, whose vow to eradicate poverty owing to his claim to being poor as a boy, has been consistently vilified by non-believers, said that he has done his best to offer himself and his plans to alleviate the condition of the poor but accepts that the people has decided and thus respects its decision. He added that he didn't take his family with him to the press conference because they have been subjected to enough stress already. He further reiterated his intention and vow to help the poor in 'other' ways. He also congratulated Noynoy Aquino.

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