Blogging has never been this fun!

I've been hanging out at the SocialSpark community these past few days and I must say that I've been having a great time. SocialSpark is a new community for bloggers and advertisers but it's a lot more interactive and fun. It owes its intuitive features to IZEA, the people behind PayPerPost. Just like PayPerPost, it can help you monetize your blog. So if you are looking for a way to earn some money from your blog, it's the best time to sign up. SocialSpark provides an avenue for establishing good reputation with advertisers and within your peers. It's like a cross between a social networking site ( so you can also build a community; but remarkably more fun because at SocialSpark, you meet people who share the same interests as you) and a problogging community of advertisers and bloggers. Because of the many people you interact with, you also drive traffic to your blogs. And aside from earning money, you also gain more exposure through the "spark" opportunities. A "spark" gives you a chance to exchange reviews with other bloggers in your community, thus gaining readership and more traffic.

If you want to connect with fellow bloggers from all parts of the world, you should check it out. I was amazed to see how many Filipino bloggers are in there, specially stay-at-home moms like me. Their blogs are witty, edgy, funky and really interesting reads. It's a relatively new community yet you somehow feel that you've been there a long time because the people are so warm and helpful. Blogger and advertiser profiles are publicly available too, including site statistics. You also know which "opps" goes to whom. So transparency is strictly observed. I haven't taken opps though, my blog has been approved just now. It takes from around 24-72 hours I before it gets approved because they do it manually. It takes time but I'm all for it. Manual verification is the way to go these days, specially that the blogosphere has been penetrated by splogs (spam blogs) and the likes. Blogs with true and relevant content are now few compared to splogs. These people at IZEA have done a really great job coming up with something as wonderful as SocialSpark. It's just my second day as member and I'm loving every minute of it. Pure fun and fulfillment. I also like the "prop" feature. If you liked the blogs and profiles you see, you can give them props. It's a good way to encourage fellow bloggers to write some more. Another thing that I love about SocialSpark is the way their code of ethics is laid out. They have 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure , 100% Transparency , 100% Real Opinions and 100% Search Engine Friendly.

They will never force you to write something in a certain tone. You write your opinions and that's it. Blogging has never been this fun and easy and rewarding at that.

There is of course, room for improvement. As I said, this is relatively new. But my personal experience has been awesome. I've met friends online and I look forward to meeting more. SocialSpark has definitely revolutionized the blog advertising and it did so with a blast!

See you at SocialSpark ! :) Sparks are flying!

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