Iron Man, Finally.

"Iron Man" has been out since April 30 and I've been itching to see it long before it was shown. Although the idea that Robert Downey Jr. plays the lead role doesn't excite me that much, I knew that he is a good actor. Talent is not an issue, he did extremely well in the few movies I saw which included him in the lead stars. My dear son, though not a fan of "Iron Man" went to see the movie as well because I forced him. He was actually more excited in watching "Speed Racer" but the movie is yet to be shown May 8 at WalterMart Calamba. Anyway, going back to "Iron Man", I had a great time watching the movie. Special effects, cinematography, script, everything's great. Gwyneth, playing the role of Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) personal assistant Pepper Potts was very convincing as the "almost in love" and well-meaning assistant who takes care of everything for Tony including occasionally "taking out the trash" -- referring to laundering the clothes of Tony's women (he's a huge womanizer..) and escorting them outside the house that rests on the summit of a hill somewhere in Malibu. Being the whiz kid and now the tech and weapons design and manufacturing genius that he is, you can of course expect that his house is fully-equipped with everything "hi-tech". He even has robots who aide him in his project development and testing. The story effectively unfolds the change of character and "heart" of Tony Stark line by line and scene by scene. Unlike other super heroes, Iron Man is more "human" in the sense that he has clear flaws and shortcomings. He is arrogant and bossy, a wanton womanizer, and well, a happy-go-lucky guy who indulges in probably all the vices there are (I'm assuming, of course). The fight scenes maybe not as many as in other action movies but the ultimate fight between Iron Man and his nemesis (a business partner) is comparable with that fight scene in the "Transformers" movie. Iron Man's suit is awesome. Complete with probably all that a super hero would ever need in a day's work, his suit is a bright and glowing red and gold. My favorite line was perhaps the one where he said to his assistant Pepper "I'm not crazy, Pepper. It's just that, now, I finally realized what I had to do. And I know in my heart that it's the right thing." And I have to give credit where it's due. Robert Downey really nailed it this time. It was a very simple line, no profundity of any sort, but appeared deep and meaningful when he said it that I even want to forget all that issues that he got himself involved with prior to this movie. A good actor has the capability to make a simple line stand out and shine. And now that I've seen Iron Man played by him, I couldn't think of any other actor that would do justice to the role (well, except for Christian Bale, I guess.. my favorite actor since "Equilibrium"). You know what, as much as I'd like to tell you everything about the movie, I'd rather not. And that's because it's too good a movie for any of you to miss. And if only for that reason, I want you to watch it yourself and see exactly what I'm talking about. Watch it guys, it's gonna be worth every cent. A movie this good doesn't come by that often. And for my review rating, I give it 5 exceedingly shiny stars. :)

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