Gardening is Therapeutic

My mother is such a sucker for plants. I remember when I was younger, so much younger than today (haha..), she would wake up very early in the morning never forgetting to water her dear plants. She would lovingly check each leaf for aphids (whitish plant insects) and remove each one carefully as if a brain surgeon reconnecting neurons and nerves..haha.. Oh, she loved her plants dearly. And how happy was she whenever she sees leaves looking all "green and shiny". Every morning, that was her joy, her piece of heaven on earth, her communion with nature. It's no wonder then that she has a "green thumb". Whatever she plants, whatever the condition, I can always bet that it will grow. Now, I'm not a hopeless romantic when it comes to plants, although somehow I knew that deep inside me, I probably am like my mom -- only that I wouldn't admit it. I just can't live in a place that doesn't have greenery, if only a few pots of it. Incidentally, we live in a townhouse, so unfortunately for me, the small patch of earth that we have here can only provide living, breathing space to a few plants. And now that we are talking plants, let me introduce you to my favorite right now. Well, it's not really a "plant" per se, but a vegetable I think (haha).. drum roll please... my "malunggay" -- otherwise known as "moringa oleifera". Today's much-talked about, much-hyped vegetable is indeed a wonder. It is known in the English-speaking countries as ben oil tree, the horseradish tree, or the drumstick tree. I'm not certain about the specifics and I leave that to you to research on, but from what I know
it has vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, iron and calcium in even greater potency as compared to the so-called main source of these vitamins.

Now, that's a lot of vitamins!

So, the other day, I did what I have always been planning to do. I planted my very own "malunggay". And boy was I glad that I did it. I felt really good. Gardening is indeed therapeutic. One thing is certain, I will be doing it again. I guess I'll be adding this to my cheap thrill list. :)


Victor said...

Hello :) ... sounds like your mother and my father are the same with plant life. He spends hours in the yard every summer caring for his flowerbeds. Perhaps I'll get some pictures this year.

My girlfriend bought me a couple of Lucky Bamboo a little while ago, and my mother gave me an African Violet and a Baby's Tears. I'm enjoying having them around. I didn't know that I would, but I do!

RJ Marmol said...

hello victor! :) moms and dads tend to be similar in certain aspects after all.. :) yes, please post pictures if you can, i'll visit your blog, i would love to see those.

oh, and i could use a lucky bamboo myself, i need lots of luck.. :)

plants and gardening are indeed therapeutic. the few occasions i did some digging and planting seeds that grew almost overnight has given me sheer joy i could not replicate in any other activity, honestly..maybe it's the connection shared between living things that make gardening all that and more..

wow, good for you that you're enjoying the company of your plants. i'm sure your mom and girlfriend would be happy to know that as well..

surround yourself with more loving plants and people, i can tell that it would do you a lot of good. all the best, victor! :)