A Tooth for a Tooth, An Eye for An Eye?

Last night, I saw the news. Four people were killed in another shootout, this time, in Tanauan, Batangas. These men were believed to be or are suspects, so they say, of the RCBC bank robbery massacre in Cabuyao, Laguna where 10 people were mercilessly murdered. Now, I'm not saying that this right or wrong. It's just that somehow I think the police aren't doing their operations as covert and as tactically as they should. I mean, think of this: You raid a house of a suspected robber and expect to be treated to dinner? Obviously, if there was any truth to your accusations as evidenced by initial investigations, it is only normal to expect hostility from the suspected party. So, if these guys from the police actually know how to deal with this properly, shootouts would be prevented. I understand that we all want a speedy delivery of justice. But if you keep on shooting people (although inevitable in a shootout), how can you possibly say that justice has been served when the people can't even talk to spill stories that would shed further light and understanding regarding the incident? Now, I wouldn't want to think that the police are looking for a "fall guy" or "fall guys" as that. I know that the PNP can really deliver sometimes, if not most of the time. But the incidents of shootouts only add to the death toll of violence. I don't know what sort of strategy they should employ, but I'm sure there are other ways of "getting" the suspects aside from getting them dead in body bags. And let us also not forget, that these people, however evil they may be, are just like many of us -- they have families as well. And for all we know, their families may not even have an inkling as to the extra-curricular activities of their family members, thus, they too are victims. They will mourn as well. Now, if there's ever a good reason for the US Military to visit us, I guess giving the police a training on how to properly conduct an "extraction" in the least violent way possible is what they should do and what we should request. Many times have we seen such scenario in the Philippines. The police can't properly handle a hostage scenario. Remember the boy who was taken as hostage in a bus terminal somewhere in Manila years back? I'm sure you do. I had nightmares after seeing the footage in the news. Clearly, something has to be done differently. Peace and order can only be achieved if our main goal is to save people's lives, no matter how good or evil they may be. After all, we are not God.


seaprincess72 said...

you're absolutely right! we really need to change our police system. its sad to know that the very people we depend on to protect us, are the very same ones who are a threat to us.

tsk, tsk, only in the pilipins.

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RJ Marmol said...

hi there abby! :) you're absolutely right. only here in the philippines..
have added your blog to my "partner blogs" link..will add this to my blog as well.. pls add both sites to your as well.. thanks.. will visit your site again.. :) cheers!

4ever7 said...

Only in the Philippines, I'm afraid.

RJ Marmol said...

hi there 4ever7! :) very true. i doubt that this will ever change in the near future..we have a long way to go, i suppose. thanks for sharing your thoughts.. :)