Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Philippine Issues Writing Project

If you are Filipino blogger, there's no better time and venue to express support for the country than here and now. You, who have been given the gift of words, the freedom of expression and the power to effect change -- you can do something. If you can write exactly how you feel about the many issues and problems plaguing our country today, I urge you to join. It wouldn't take too much of your time, really. An article or two wouldn't be so hard to write specially if you feel strongly about it and you know that it is relevant. If there's ever a burning topic in your mind that you've always wanted to write about concerning politics, the philippine society, the environment, technology and other highly talked about issues, now is the time to share it to all Filpinos and to the world. And you know what, It doesn't even have to be a celebrated or publicized issue at all because sometimes, those not discussed publicly are those that actually matter. It's high time that we get these issues out in the open for everyone to see and realize. Not a political blogger? Not an issue. Anyone who wants to write, even non-bloggers can join. If you can write an email, you can join. You decide your topic, the number of words, and the style to use -- eloquence is not a requirement. Don't just be another part of history, be a significant part of it. Let your vote be counted, let your opinions be heard. After all, that's what democracy is truly about. So much has been said about our country, I know, probably even too much. But that doesn't mean, we've heard all the "good" ones. For all you know, what you want to write and will write about would make a difference, a dent in the minds of Filipinos everywhere that will bring about much-awaited and much-longed-for change.
Join us and make history! Not sold yet? Well, if making history isn't enough for you, there are other perks and prizes waiting for you as well...

Prizes will be P10,000 worth of books, cash prizes, and t-shirts among others. The list gets updated regularly so that's just for starters. Many people are generously giving their share of prizes in support of this project.

Update, May 4: Prizes

To join, visit the website or better yet, click here to get to the exact sign-up page. Remember, it only takes one person to blaze a trail but it takes a collective effort to create a significant impact. Be that person and be part of that collective! I'll be waiting for your article, kabayan.

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