We Should Be More Thankful

I understand that we are in a crisis right now. Inflation rate is high (power, food, services), bidding for rice purchase has been canceled by PGMA because there aren't any takers, revamp is ongoing at her Cabinet, the peso is not gaining any strength against the dollar for days now and so on and so forth. Problems abound. Wherever I look, whatever I read, whatever I hear all shout of the same issues. And I must admit that I actually felt as if we're the most problematic and hopeless country right now. Not until I heard of the Myanmar (Burma) tragedy. A cyclone has left 22,000 people dead and thousands more remain missing.. Hopefully they're not dead, but we know better. When people get lost amidst a cyclone, chances are they are dead or die looking for shelter and food. A million more people were displaced and lost houses. Aid is coming in from the UN and many other countries including the US which has previously economically banned Myanmar. Reports say that the people weren't properly warned about an incoming cyclone and this is probably the reason for such high death toll. Just the same, I pray that Myanmar recovers from this the soonest they can, although the way their government is run, it doesn't seem likely they will recover anytime soon. This is a time for pondering. I believe that we should be thankful that God has been taking care of us for the longest time. We have endured many economic problems of this kind in the past and I know that we can survive this. We are a strong people. We must not forget that. We should be thankful.

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