Why Silk Plants Make Perfect Sense

These days, just about anything is disposable. We live in an age where we prefer convenience over sentimentality. No longer do we hold on to things that we don't find functional at present. And sometimes, it's actually a good thing. Our house becomes uncluttered, we travel light and we become somewhat free to focus on things that matter most rather than sweating the small stuff.

There are, however things that we prefer to keep, things that we know are valuable to us today and in the future -- something whose functionality will probably outlast any fad and will always be useful to us in the future. Enter silk plants. These "little wonders" are so indispensable in today's living. Let's face it, a house or room without some sort of greenery is less appealing than one that's filled with decorative plants. It adds beauty, creates an ambiance and so much more. But since "living spaces" nowadays tend to be just that -- a "space", we know better that as much as we'd like to decorate it with real plants and trees, it's both almost impossible and impractical. For one, if you live in a high-rise condominium, it might suggest two things: 1. You are a career-driven city-dweller (and a busy one at that), which means that you might not have the time to care for natural decorative plants -- and what a shame and a waste if these plants die uncared for and 2. You are exposed to pollution, which may have caused you to develop asthma or any other lighter although equally annoying allergies that will make exposure to "pollens" intolerable to you. If that's the case, then silk plants are definitely the way to go.

As for me, I have two (2) reasons why I believe silk foliage makes perfect sense. Foremost reason: You will do Mother Earth a great favor by preserving / avoiding felling trees for, say, setting-up the traditional Christmas tree. It's indeed a very special occasion yet we know the harsh reality that the day after it's been set-up, it gets thrown away. There goes another tree -- one that might have lived longer had a silk/faux plant/tree counterpart been used instead. Buying silk foliage will also save you money since, as in the case of the well-loved Christmas tree, you get to use it the following year and the year after. The beautiful real tree then lives and you save money for more important things like presents. Everybody's happy. Second reason, having real plants inside the house also poses a threat of insect infestation. As I've realized of late, a little natural "money tree" we have in the living room harbors mosquitoes that as you might be well aware of, spreads deadly diseases.

That said, I would say that for people who love to decorate their houses or other living spaces with greenery, silk foliage will provide you with many benefits. So, for those who don't have a green thumb but are interested in "greening" your place, there is hope. There are silk plants.

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