10,000 B.C - RJ's Movie Review

This review is long overdue. I think it's more or less a week since I've seen this movie. Nevertheless, I'll just try to recall the plot. Besides, how much I remember about the movie will actually tell whether it's a good one or not. :-)

I've read in one of Yahoo Movies' recent article that this movie is actually included in the Top 10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies. It's a historian's nightmare. Now, if I'm to disregard that, I would still say that this movie felt wrong from the very beginning. The mere poster itself at the movie theaters (not this photo on the left) immediately made me raise my eyebrow (the left eyebrow.. lol). Hmmm, so this guy's like fighting/hunting the woolly mammoth??! It felt wrong that mammoths coexisted with men. Aren't these creatures supposed to be living in the Antartica or anywhere else colder? I mean, these creatures are woolly for a reason, it's an adaptation to their environment. If so, then what are those guys doing there? Contradictions, contradictions, irregularities..

Now, if I'm to disregard that too, I would say it still felt wrong the moment I saw the mammoths carrying loads to aide captured people/slaves in building pyramid-like structures for the false "god" that oh-so-easily died (without even putting up a good fight) as soon as the spear thrown by the lead character young hunter D'Leh pierced his torso. Okay, it might be the scriptwriter/director's idea to illustrate how false this "god" is or simply put, how "weak a human" he/she actually is. It just felt incomplete to me. Also, it wasn't mentioned ( or maybe I wasn't paying enough attention when it was why they even considered him/her a "god" in the first place if this so-called "god" of theirs can't even pull a bunny out of a black hat. Some history-telling shedding light on this obscure belief of theirs would have made it more interesting.

The lead character, young hunter D'Leh wasn't as impressive an actor as he should have been. The beautiful blue-eyed Evolet - D'Leh's damsel in distress was just that -- beautiful. She didn't exude a character that should have been more visible in the movie.

Overall, I'd say, if you don't really give a damn about history, have lots of money to spend on entertainment and just want to pass time and be entertained without thinking, this movie is good enough. But if you'll be spending your hard-earned money, this movie isn't worth it. But in consideration of the mammoth chase/hunting scene, I give it 2 stars.

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