Art Imitates Life

I'm delighted to have been part of an art-lover's blog. Thanks to Tom Hardy. He manipulates photos in Photoshop and asked if he can use some of my blog photos. And boy, am I glad I said yes. He used some of my "riverview swimming photos" and I must say it's really nice. The edited photos look impressive and well-made. I knew you can do a lot with Photoshop but when you actually see the result, it still invokes a feeling of awe. Maybe because I never had that kind of talent in terms of art. It's fascinating how art captures life in such a vivid yet abstract form. Sounds contradicting, but it makes sense to me. The colors appear as if dancing to a rhythm, very nice contrast... I would have wanted to embed all photos here but I feel that Tom deserves credit for a job well done so I'd rather send you to his site for more of my photos edited by him. See all of Tom's art at his blog site. Thanks again, Tom. Keep 'em coming!

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