My Summer Officially Started Today at RiverView

I know, right? Summer started months ago. But not for me. :) My summer has just begun. It's a few days late though (should have started on my birthday, April 8), but you know what they always say, "it's better late than never.." so I guess I'll settle with "late". Anyway, this swimming schedule is a spur of the moment thing. Ritchie thought of it the night before. I wasn't really ready, but heck, I know my husband, he changes his mind at the last minute so I thought, yeah, right, swimming..blah, blah, blah. :) But as it turned out, he was serious about it this time that he didn't even sleep when he got home from a 10pm -6am work schedule.
About RiverView, it's the closest resort to our village so convenience is one factor fully satisfied by that. It has one kiddie pool and one olympic-sized swimming pool. Bert Lozada's Swimming School holds classes here during weekends so we we're able to see some kids learning how to swim. They're actually good. And I envy them. I don't know how to swim and I'm reluctant to learn now that I'm 29. Somebody told me you're never too old to learn swimming or driving or anything. But somehow, I feel different. I think I have subconsciously accepted that I'll never learn how to swim. It's frustrating actually. It's very disappointing that I don't get to enjoy attending pool parties the same way swimmers do. That's because I either dip in the water and stay at one corner or refuse to dip altogether. :) I hope I still learn how to swim. Maybe one of these days, "one of these very ordinary days" as the Barry Manillow song goes.. :)

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