Hey, Guys I Have New Blogs!

I found it difficult to classify or categorize this blog since the topics here have been uncontrolled for quite some time. This is supposed to be my "personal" blog chronicling my life but eventually turned into a collection of varied topics. To make things easier for me and to practice structured blogging, I recently created new blogs to cater to various topics. This is also an attempt to create or find a niche that I'll be comfortable and able to sustain long-term. I blog about many things and still want to blog about many more. I only hope to have enough passion and skill in me to ensure all blogs are updated as often as possible.

Here are my new blogs. I hope you guys get to read these as well. :)

"One Political Filipino" -
- "I am political sometimes. I am Filipino, always. My take on political issues."

"Watch and Learn: Movies and Reviews" -
- "I watch. I learn. I blog. Movie reviews from a nobody. It's about time the mere mortals write reviews. :)"
"Songs with Sense: A Collection of Loved Lyrics" -
- "A lyrics blog of songs I love. This is the soundtrack of my life."

"Romancing the Eee PC" -
-Others call it "Love at first sight." I call it destiny. I was never a hopeless romantic until I met my Eee PC. Love never felt this good. And it's getting better everyday... Life and love of an ASUS Eee PC lover.

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