Beanstalk Cafe: Inspiring a Natural View

Me and my sister managed to talk a bit yesterday over coffee (frappe, actually) at Beanstalk Cafe at the 5th floor of the Calamba Executive Center, fronting Mart-One grocery at Crossing. Meralco Foundation Institute's new branch and a Globe Business Center is housed in the same building. When I first came in, I couldn't believe how many establishments they can pack in's a really small one, you know. Beanstalk naturally occupied the last floor. I thought I wouldn't like it. But, boy I did. The frappe was good. The guys serving coffee were all nice and friendly. But most of all, it had a nice view of Mt. Makiling. It made me think about the irony of life -- that while we strive to be as hip and "high-tech" as we can possibly be by surrounding ourselves with gadgets, it is still our nature to seek calm and serenity; that as hurried & busy we all have been, we still desire to stop & reflect. P.S. I'm blogging from my mobile phone. :-) Now, if only they had wi-fi there...hmmm.. :)

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