I'm Officially 29 Today

There's no stopping time. And although I'd like to discuss whether it is indeed linear as we know it or cyclical as the Mayas believed it, I'd rather not. Today is my birthday and many things happen when a person celebrates his/her birthday. That, I want to discuss. I was born on a Palm Sunday. So, I'm used to celebrating my birthday occasionally within Holy Week or plus minus a few days..That being the case, my birthdays are mostly quite. No fireworks or festive celebrations. It doesn't bother me one bit though, as I'm not too critical when it comes to that. But there are a few occasions when I had memorable birthdays, not because I had a party of some sort, but because I was either physically ill or emotionally battered. Today's not an exception. And it's mainly my fault. I have been reckless and insensitive and I only deserved what I got. Enough said.

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