Debilitating Diabetes: How to Cope

You've heard the news. You've seen the patients. You've probably read everything there is to know about Diabetes --today's dreaded disease. And I'm sure, you have a friend or a relative somewhere with the same ailment. Diabetes has become so widespread that the consumer market is now flooded with "zero" sugar food and beverages, sugar replacements or alternatives and the likes. While at the same time, fastfoods and convenience stores loaded with sugary products thrive like mushrooms in the forest..they just wouldn't stop coming up with more and more "preserved" and "instant" food products that either cause cancer or diabetes. Never has there been an all-time high in the consumption of "processed" food until now. Diabetes mellitus, Type 2 patients are exponentially growing in numbers. And it's been said, time and again, that this type of Diabetes is actually "acquired" through lifestyle. If that is true, and I'm quite sure it is, then we can expect more diabetics in the years to come. Now, the question is, how do you cope? I'm no expert at this. I'm not a doctor. But my father died from diabetes and hypertension almost 5 years ago. My mother, who's turning 65 this year, also has diabetes and hypertension. My father-in-law also died of diabetes. I am therefore predisposed to it, and so is my husband and my son. So, if anything, I am but a person exposed to Diabetes in more ways than I can possibly be. So, I have devised my own "Top 5 Ways To Cope with/Prevent Diabetes".

1. Nothing beats discipline. - Foods that provide "guilty pleasures" actually cause you more than guilt. It makes you sick. Train yourself to eat only fresh and vitamin-rich foods.
2. Don't hang out with the bad guys. - Smoking and drinking (alcoholic beverages, of course) increase the risk of getting Diabetes or dying soon from it. So, quit now while there's time.
3. Take supplementation/medication. - Whatever vitamins and minerals you can't get from food, make sure you take supplements for. If you already have Diabetes, never skip your medicines. Sure, meds are expensive but not taking meds can cost you your life.
4. Avoid stress. - You know what they say, "don't sweat the small stuff". Have a happy disposition. Be optimistic.
5. Get fit or die. - Diabetes is manageable. It can't kill you if you won't let it. Exercise regularly and boost your immune system.

So, there you go. Again, I'm no expert at this but I just wanted to share this to increase awareness. You might say, "yeah, right. as if there isn't enough awareness already..." Well, you might be right. But then again, if that's true, why are you reading this?" . Love you guys! Take care! Peace out! :)

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