I Got Paid $20 USD for My First Article

Just the other day, I got the news. My blog article has been approved. I'm getting $20 USD for that single article. Isn't that awesome? :) I'm beginning to like this paid blogging thing. It was so easy to earn it would seem I'm pulling your leg, dear reader. But it's true. It only took me a few minutes to write that article and now I'm blogging my way to the bank ( well, it isn't much but for a single article , and for a newbie like me, that's good news ). Why don't you guys try it? If you like writing/blogging, it's not wrong to earn from it. So long as the articles do not violate your conscience or beliefs. Besides, you can always choose what you want to blog about. So choose the ones you love. :) There's no harm in trying. You can even start by reviewing my posts. See how easy it is. Everyone's on it already. I know you love blogging. Isn't it time you earn from it? :) Share your thoughts.

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